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Printers have been around for centuries, and their importance has not diminished. And now, Printers are ubiquitous in the world, and they play an important role in many industries. They also allow for easy communication and are a huge factor in producing documents such as reports, invoices, and tax forms. At the same time, printers can also be used to print designs, photos, and other media types. Nowadays, no office or home is complete without a printer. A printer is essential whether you're a small business or an organization that needs to produce large quantities of prints. There are many different types of printers, so it is important to find the one best suited for your needs. A printer can be costly, but it will pay off if you use it often enough.


Factors to Consider Before Buying a Printer:


Before you buy a printer online, you should consider a few factors to ensure you purchase a printer online buy lowest price. Here are a few things to consider before buying a printer. 


1. Printer Functionality: (Single Printer or MultiFunction Printer)

As there is a wide range of printers, you must see whether you need a printer that can only print documents or you need a multifunctional device that can also scan and copy. You can usually find a more affordable model if you only require a basic single printer. However, if you need a multifunctional device, be prepared to pay more.


2. Types of printers:


Inkjet Printer: The most common type of printer is an inkjet printer. These printers use small jets of ink to print on paper. Inkjet printers are great for printing photos and documents, and the printer price is very affordable. If you need to print high quality photos, you'll want to look for an ink tank or inkjet printer that offers photo printing capabilities. 


Ink tank Printer: These types of printers are popular for their low printing costs. The ink is stored in tanks, and you can quickly refill them when they run out. 


Laser and Laserjet Printers: Laser printers use a laser beam to print on paper. Laserjet printers are a type of laser printer that uses a jet of toner to print on paper. Both printers are great for printing documents and usually print much faster than inkjet printers. However, the printer price is high. A laser printer and a laserjet printer is a good option if you're looking for a fast printer that can handle large printing jobs.


All in one printer: All in one printer printers can print copy scans and are great for small businesses and home offices. If you need to print many documents and want the flexibility to print both documents and photos, then an all-in-one printer is your best bet. However, the printer price is high. All-in-one printers can handle high-volume printing and typically have color and Monochrome capabilities. 


3. Print Quality: 

When choosing a printer, you should also consider quality printing. Most printers can print at resolutions of 300 dpi or higher. However, some photo printers can print at resolutions up to 4800 dpi. The higher the dpi, the better the print quality. However, keep in mind that higher resolutions also mean slower print speeds.


4. Printing Speed: 

If you plan on printing many documents, you'll want to pay attention to the printer's print speed. Printing speed is measured in pages per minute (ppm). The higher the ppm, the faster the printer. Some laser printers can print up to 40 ppm, which is very fast. However, inkjet printers typically have a much lower print speed, usually around 5-10 ppm.


5. Connectivity: 

Another important factor is how you will connect your printer to your computer. It has a memory card slot, parallel port, ethernet, wireless interface, wifi, Bluetooth, and cloud print. 


6. Printer Warranty

Printer warranties typically cover parts and labor for one year. Some also cover the cost of replacement ink cartridges. However, a few things are not typically covered by a printer warranty. These include:

• Damage from shipping or handling

• Normal wear and tear

• Consumable items such as paper and ink

• Maintenance or repairs not related to defects

• Setup or installation While printer warranties can be beneficial, it's important to know what is and is not covered before you purchase one.

This way, you can ensure you're getting the most out of your investment.


What is the different printer uses?


Now that you know the key factors, it's time to Identify the volume and type of printing you intend to do, which might help you zoom in on the best printer. Here's a breakdown focused on your printing scenario. Let's get closer:


Printers for Office:

If you plan on doing any significant amount of printing in an office setting, then a laser printer is likely your best option. Laser printers are designed for high-volume printing and can print documents quickly. However, the printer price is high than inkjet printers, but they will save you money in the long run due to their higher page yield and lower cost per page. In addition to being fast and efficient, laser printers also produce high-quality prints. A laser printer is your best bet if you need to print professional-looking documents. 


Printers for home:

For the best results when printing at home, look for a printer designed for low-volume printing and has the flexibility to handle both colored images and documents. Inkjet printers have historically been the most popular option for home users. Still, the affordability, durability, wireless printers, and better performance of laser printers have made them a competitive alternative in recent years. An inkjet printer is a good choice if you only need to print occasionally. And If you need to print many documents, then a laser printer is better. 


Net Cafe or Xerox Center:

Laser printers are highly recommended for internet cafés and copy shops. They are capable of printing a large number of papers in a timely and effective manner. Laser printers can print enormous quantities of papers and are often more resilient, with a longer expected lifespan overall. This is because laser printers have fewer moving components than other printers, making them less prone to malfunction. In terms of performance, they can deal with huge page counts without experiencing any sluggishness.


Price Range of Different Printers:

Type of Printer

Printer Price range

Single Function Printer

₹2,500 - ₹12,000

Multifunction Printer

₹4000- ₹17,000

All In one Printer

₹5,000 - ₹22,000


Brands To Choose from:


There are many different brands of printers online on the market, but some of the most popular include:


HP: HP is a leading manufacturer of both inkjet and laser printers. HP printers are the best choice for those who want quality and affordability.


Canon: Canon is another major player in the printer market and offers inkjet and laser printers. Canon printers are the best choice for those who want speed and quality.


Epson: Epson is a leading manufacturer of inkjet printers and offers a wide range of home and office printers. Epson printers are the best choice for those who want affordability and quality.




Remember, printer prices vary according to the six factors mentioned above. When choosing a printer, it is important to consider them and their purpose as it will save you time, energy, and money making the best purchase. Research different brands of printer prices online and compare them based on your needs before making your final decision.




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