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Buy pen drives online at Vijay Sales

We are constantly seeking out digital devices that are sleeker, lighter and faster for increased productivity and portability. When the pen drive, or what is also called a USB flash drive began to be sold in 2000, it quickly replaced floppies and CDs to become the go-to device for storing and sharing data.Pen drives store several GBs of data, are more durable than CDs and can be used over and over again. This helps you carry around all the information you need, safely and conveniently.Pen drives available today are significantly different from their 2000 counterparts, in terms of features, functions and performance. There are also way more options than before, and this can make shopping for pen drives online a daunting task.To ensure that you buy the right pen drive for your needs, you should consider aspects like storage capacity, data transfer speed, privacy protection, pen drive price and a few other specs before buying. You should also be clear about what you’re going to use your flash drive for, as they can be put to use in several ways.


  • Help you quickly transfer text data, PDFs, music, movies, videos and even games
  • Bootable flash drives can be used for transferring or installing software on the host device
  • OTG (On-the-go) or Type-C pen drives can be connected to mobiles or tablets for transferring data. These USBs eliminate the need for a cable for data sharing
  • Pen drives with MP3 playback function can directly play audio as well

Storage capacity

When buying a pen drive, you must consider its storage capacity. It is a good practice to purchase a USB with a higher storage capacity than you think you would need. Here’s something that will help you put pen drive storage into context. A 1 GB flash drive can store about 20,000 pages of text, 500 minutes of music and about 45 minutes of a high-resolution movie. Videos take up more space than text files. You can opt for 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 or even 256 GB pen drives.

Transfer speed

The two most popular pen drive options are 2.0 and 3.0 (or USB 3.1 Gen 1) flash drives. The key difference between these two USBs is the speed at which they transfer data. The latter transfers about 1.2 GBs of data in a second, whereas the former transfers around 60 MB per second. There is also the USB 3.1 Gen 2 flash drive, which is faster than its predecessor as it transfers about 1.25 GBs of data per second.


Pen drives are a popular tool for transferring data and there are several affordable options available. At Vijay Sales, you can get pen drives for Rs 325 to up to Rs 2490. High-storage, high-speed flash drives are usually more expensive. However, if you need a USB for transferring only documents, movies or songs, there are several high-quality, mid-priced pen drives that you can opt for.


When it comes to pen drives, the smaller the better. Small pen drives are easy to carry around as you can slip them into your pocket, wallet or compartment of your bag. Ones that come with a cap or feature a foldable design are ideal since they will keep the metal end of the flash drive protected. Apart from size, you can opt for formal-looking pen drives, or quirkier, theme-based ones.

Privacy protection

Privacy concerns abound in the digital realm because of multi-user systems and the digitisation of data. To keep your data safe, you could opt for pen drives with privacy protection features. Some of the best pen drives comes with in-built security features like password protection and data encryption. You can also opt for waterproof pen drives that safeguard your data even if you accidently drop them in water.


There are several brands selling pen drives these days. However, you should only opt for reputed brands or ones with a proven track record of producing durable flash drives. Kingston USBs are some of the best pen drives in the market. They are compact, long-lasting and feature great storage capacities and data transfer speeds.


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