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Buy Air Coolers Online

An air cooler is an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient cooling solution for places that face dry or humid summers. coolers are perfect for home or office use and contribute to ensuring a more comfortable space to work or stay in.

Air coolers or tower coolers use a technique called evaporative cooling. These systems pull fresh air from the outside and push it through wet cooling pads. The temperature of the air is brought down by these cooling pads and is blown out by the fan. 

With plenty of options to choose from, there are several factors to consider before picking the right air cooler. You should first zero in on the type of cooler you want. Next, you should consider where you wish to place the cooler. You should also factor in things like price and brand of the cooler. But first, let’s talk about the benefits of an cooler over an air conditioner.

Benefits of Portable AC cooler

  • As the name suggests, these air coolers are portable and can be shifted to the room that requires cooling. Additionally, some models can easily be tucked in cars and taken on trips.
  • As opposed to air conditioners that require installation, portable tower ACs are standalone units and only needs to be plugged into an outlet to work. 
  • While an air cooler price will vary depending on the model you opt for, it is much more affordable than a windows AC or split AC. 
  • A portable AC cooler is also more power-efficient than an air conditioner. This makes them more eco-friendly, allowing these coolers to push out cool air while being less harmful to the environment. 



Personal air coolers are ideal for places with humid weather conditions. These coolers are designed for smaller areas and consume less energy. The water tanks on personal coolers are relatively smaller but are capable of providing cooling for hours.


Desert air coolers are ideal for places in regions with dry climate conditions. Desert coolers are larger than personal coolers and are meant to cool larger rooms. These coolers have huge fans and large water tanks to deliver cool air to every corner of a large room. Desert coolers are also ideal for use outdoors, on terraces or backyards.



All air coolers need to be kept in well ventilated rooms. A constant supply of fresh air is necessary for them to work effectively. Good ventilation also helps reduce the humidity in the room, making you sweat less. If you have a floor-standing air cooler, ensure that it is kept near a window. The back of the cooler should face the open window, so that hot air from the outside is drawn in and cool air is pushed indoors 


You could also opt for a window cooler. A window cooler is another type of cooling solution that operates as a normal air cooler but is fixed to a window. These coolers have a capacity ranging from 15 to 50 litres. They have several integrated features such as temperature display, 3-sides honeycomb cooling pads, water tank covers, cord winding stations, and more.

Capacity and cooling pads

Cooling pads are a quintessential part of an air cooler and the thicker, the better the cooling. Their generally made of aspen or Cellulose material, the former is more affordable, and the latter is more expensive. However, the thickness of pads made of Cellulose is greater as compared to aspen pads, ensuring better cooling and lower maintenance. 

It is important to have an air cooler that has a tank that can hold large water levels, especially if you are putting it into a larger room. The general tank capacity for a desert cooler ranges from 31 to 50 litres, while a personal cooler’s capacity ranges from 20 to 30 litres.


Air coolers prices are generally more affordable than air conditioners. Since there are several brands selling coolers, pricing is competitive and you don’t have to shell out a lot of money to get a cooler with good features. At Vijay Sales, you can get energy-efficient and, durable coolers.


When it comes to coolers, Bajaj, Symphony and Orient are some of the best brands in the space. They offer a wide variety of models to choose from and also offer cost-effective prices. Their coolers are also durable, making them a fixture in many homes and work spaces.

Get yourself a cooler now to make blistering Indian summers enjoyable and sweat-free.


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