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Buy hair straighteners online

Hair straighteners are important styling tools used by hair professionals and individuals to straighten wavy or curly hair. Straighteners work by using heat to break down disulphide bonds in hair strands. These bonds ensure that the shape of hair fibres remains fixed.

When you move a heated hair straightener over a section of hair, the disulphide bonds in hair strands in that section break down. This frees up keratin molecules in the hair strands. These molecules move around and assume positions that result in straightened hair.  As hair strands cool, disulphide bonds are formed again and this helps your hair stay straight for a long time, or at least till it gets damp or wet.

Disulphide bonds break down at high temperatures. Hence, it’s good to opt for hair straighteners that can heat up to high degrees. Apart from this, you should also consider factors like heating plate material, temperature and display settings, energy consumption and size and shape of the straightener. You might also want to check the hair straightener price before buying.

Plate material

The material with which the hair straightener’s plates are made determine how quickly or slowly the plates will heat up, how evenly heat gets distributed and how durable your hair iron will be. The most well-known types of hair straighteners are:

  •          Titanium hair straighteners

The plates in these straighteners are made of titanium, a kind of metal that’s very durable. Titanium plates heat up much faster than ceramic ones, so this is a great option if you need to style your hair quickly. They also produce high heat, up to 230 degrees Celsius, which is effective for straightening curly or coarse hair.


  •          Tourmaline hair straighteners

Tourmaline is a kind of semi-precious stone and hence, plates aren’t made with tourmaline. Rather, ceramic or titanium plates are coated with a layer of crushed tourmaline. Tourmaline-coated plates lock moisture in so that your hair does not become dry and frizzy. They also close hair follicles upon contact, minimizing heat damage to your hair.


  •          Ceramic hair straighteners

These straighteners are extremely durable as ceramic is a corrosion-resistant material. Ceramic plates transfer heat evenly and efficiently and they never get over-heated. These are some of the most widely available and popular hair irons around.


  •          Ionic hair straighteners

Straighteners with this technology generate negative ions to neutralize positive ions found in dry and frizzy hair. Negative ions make hair smooth and shiny. These hair straighteners are ideal for people with frizzy, dry, coarse, breakage-prone hair. Several ceramic and titanium hair straighteners have this technology.

Temperature and display settings

There is no one single heat setting that is right for all hair types. Hence, it’s good to select a hair straightener that allows you to adjust the heat settings. There are straighteners that offer up to 4 temperature settings. An LCD display helps you check whether your hair straightener is switched on or off, set the right heat temperature and monitor changes made to the settings.

Heat-up time

Some hair straighteners heat up in 30 seconds or less, some can take up to a whole minute. If you’re someone who is pressed for time and needs to get ready quickly, you might want to choose a straightener with a quicker heat-up time.

Shape and size

The size of the plates impacts the overall size of the hair straightener. If you’re looking for a portable straightener, you might want to stick to a sleeker hair straightener. If you have thick, curly or wavy hair, broad hair irons might help you straighten your hair faster. You could also opt for hair straightening brushes. These tools preserve hair volume so that your hair looks bouncy and voluminous even after straightening.

Additional features

When you’re buying a hair straightener, look for ones that offer swivel cords, storage hooks, handle and plate locks. Hair irons that automatically shut off when not being used help conserve power. They also do not get over-heated and are hence, doubly safe for your hair.


Hair straighteners have varying prices. Professional hair straighteners, ones that produce high heat can be quite expensive. At Vijay Sales, you will find a range of reputed, durable hair irons that are also cost-effective.


When it comes to straighteners, Syska and Philips are the leading brands in the space. They offer durable, quick-heating hair straighteners with multiple temperature settings. The Syska Super glam straightener comes with Titanium plates, auto on-off feature and heats up in just 30 seconds. Philips offers a wide range of hair straighteners too. The KeraShine straightener is one of its best-sellers as it nourishes and smoothens your hair, giving it a glossy look.

Straight hair is timeless and looks great on ethnic and western wear. It feels soft to the touch and is easy to manage. Invest in a good hair straightener to up your hair game today.


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