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Growing a beard is not difficult, but maintaining one is. It can also be pretty expensive over a prolonged period if you decide to go the barber route. However, if you want to groom it on your own, be warned that a well-manicured beard doesn’t groom itself, they require the right tools and products. And there’s no better grooming tool than a beard trimmer or hair clipper for men. But shopping for a trimmer online can be a complicated process, so consider the following things before you pick the right one.

If you are looking for a trimmer, there are several options to choose from. However, before you select a pair of hair clippers, here are some features that you should look for in a trimmer.            


Most trimmers come with attachable combs that can range from 0.2mm to 25mm, while others have adjustable combs built in. You want a beard trimmer with different length settings that can be easily adjusted to precisely cut down facial hair to a uniform length. A good trimer for men can deliver well-defined edges with the help of dedicated attachments.


The blades are arguably the most essential part of any trimmer. You want a trimer with strong metal blades as trimmers with cheap blades are not as sharp and may not be particularly skin-friendly, leaving you with rashes and burns. If you are looking for a good set of blades, you cannot go wrong with stainless steel and titanium; the latter seems to be gaining popularity. One of the biggest strong suits of titanium and stainless-steel blades are that they don't rust, thereby lasting for an extended period.

Battery and Charging

Battery life is also important to consider when you buy a trimmer online. You want a trimmer that can keep up with your intricate shaving routines. You should buy a trimmer with a run time of at least an hour. This should keep you going for multiple shaves. As good as battery life is, charging speed might be even more important. A cordless trimmer will inevitably run out of battery life, but if that happens just before you shave in the morning, you want the trimmer to get going quickly as trimmers can take at least eight hours to fully charge up.  


A trimmer’s price is another significant factor to look out for when buying one. Trimmerprices often vary depending on integrated features, the material used, and types of trimmers, wired or wireless. If you are looking to buy a beard trimmer online, Vijay Sales offers several models at the lowest prices.


The motor on your trimmer should deliver good power to its blades, without any drop in performance. The two types of trimmer motors for personal and professional use, include pivot and magnetic motors.

A magnetic motor is usually integrated into more affordable trimmers and are primarily designed for home and semi-professional use. It has a reliable design with incredibly high speeds, which is incredibly suited for dry hair and occasional use.

While pivot motors are similar to magnetic motors, the former produces higher power with lower blade speeds. Trimmers that use Pivot motors are ideal for thick, heavy or wet hair, and are primarily used by professional stylists.

Other factors that you should also keep in mind are ensuring that the hair trimmer you buy has a good motor that delivers adequate power to the blades to provide excellent performance without any compromises. When it comes to motors, reliability is more crucial than power.

Other Factors

You also want a trimmer with an IP rating as it will undoubtedly come into contact with water at some point or the other. IP stands for Ingress Protection and it determines the level of protection a device has against dust and water. Ratings generally accepted as waterproof are IP65, IP66 and IP67. Apart from strong blades, good overall build quality is also essential. Also, ensure that the trimer you buy isn’t made of cheap plastic.

When searching for trimmers for men online, the two main categories, include corded and cordless trimmers.

Benefits of Cordless Trimmers

A good affordable cordless trimmer can set you back a little above Rs 1,000. You can get a pair of cordless hair trimmers for as low as Rs 500 in India, although you would be better off going with a reputed brand. A cordless trimmer offers a convenient shaving experience with any wires coming in your way.

Benefits of Corded Trimmers

The main benefit of a wired trimmer is that it offers a continuous supply of power. This means you won’t have to scramble to find the charger when its battery dies off.

Benefits of using Trimmers

In an age where beards are becoming more fashionable, the importance of hair trimmers continues to grow. Trimmers are essential in keeping facial hair in check, ensuring the size and shape are always on point. It is easy to adjust the blades to trim your hair length to your liking.

Trimmers are also safer than other conventional trimming tools. You won’t face any skin irritation or inflammation while using a beard trimmer. There’s absolutely no discomfort even if you have sensitive skin.

The main job of a beard trimmer is to trim or shave facial hair. But they can also be used on your underarms or chest. A trimmer is the perfect grooming tool to trim any excess hair on any part of your body.

Because of their compact size, trimmers can easily fit in any type of carry bag. Their portability allows you to easily carry them on trips. A cordless beard trimmer can be used just about anywhere.

Lastly, beard trimmers are also safer than shaving razors. You cannot cut yourself while using a hair trimmer as a vast majority of them have blade guards, which prevent the possibility of unintended shaving accidents.

While conventional means of shaving are preferred by most men, beard trimmers have so much more to offer. Not only are they convenient and safe to use but are more affordable in the long term. If you are looking to buy a good cordless trimmer, there are several brands that offer affordable models, including Phillips, Xiaomi, and Wahl, to name a few.


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