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Kent Pride Plus Water Purifier with RO+UF+TDS Control, UV LED Light, Multiple Purification Process, ABS Food Grade Plastic, Auto-on/off Operation

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Multistage Purification
Auto-on/off Operation
In-Tank UV Disinfection
Storage Capacity : 8 Litres
Suitable for Purification of Brackish/Tap Water/Municipal Corporation Water
ABS Food Grade Plastic
High Purification & Storage Capacity
Makes Water 100% Pure
Retains Essential Minerals
UV LED Light in Storage Tank
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.
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Specifications Of Kent Pride Plus Water Purifier with RO+UF+TDS Control, UV LED Light, Multiple Purification Process, ABS Food Grade Plastic, Auto-on/off Operation
    Pride Plus
  • SKU
  • CAPACITY (Ltr.)
    8 Liters
    Suitable for purifying brackish/tap water/municipal corporation water
    Sediment, Activated Carbon, UF and Post Carbon
    ABS Food Grade Plastic
    Power Consumption : 60 W
    Input Power Supply : Single Phase 220 ± 10 V AC, 50 Hz.
    Booster Pump Voltage : 24 V DC
  • SIZE (W X H X D)
    270 mm x 505 mm x 380 mm
    7.5 KG
    Mounting : Wall-mounted
    Inlet Water Pressure/Temp (Min) : 0.3 kg / cm 2 or 4.267 psi/10°C or 50°F
    Inlet Water Pressure/Temp (Max) : 3 kg / cm 2 or 42.67 psi/40°C or 104°F
    UV Lamp Wattage : 0.7 W
    Purification Production Rate : Up to 15L/hr
    Maximum Duty Cycle P: 75L/Day
    Membrane Type : Thin Film Composite RO
    • Manufacturer Details
    • Generic Name
      Water Purifier
    • Country of origin
    • Country of Manufacturer
    • Manufacturers Details
      Kent RO Systems LTD
    • Importer Detail
      Kent RO Systems LTD
    • Packers Details
      Kent RO Systems LTD.
    • Item Available From Date
      22 Oct 2018
        • Product Dimensions with Box (W x D x H)
          41 x 29 x 59 cm
        • Product Weight with Box
          9.15 kg
        • Product Dimensions(W x D x H)
          38.0 x 28.0 x 50.5 cm
        • Product Weight
          7.45 kg

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    Kent Pride Plus: Your Ultimate Buying Guide for High-Purification Water Needs



    When it comes to ensuring safe and pure drinking water for your household, the Kent Pride Plus water purifier is an excellent choice. Packed with advanced features and innovative technology, this wall-mounted purifier offers multistage purification, high storage capacity, and the retention of essential minerals. 


    In this buying guide, we will explore the remarkable features of the Kent Pride Plus, factors to consider while making a purchase, and address frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision.


    Features of the Kent Pride Plus:


    Multistage Purification: The Kent Pride Plus employs a multistage purification process to eliminate impurities, sediments, bacteria, and viruses from the water, ensuring it is 100% pure and safe for consumption.


    High Purification Capacity: With its advanced purification technology, this water purifier can efficiently process various water sources, including brackish water, tap water, and municipal corporation water, meeting diverse purification needs.


    Patented Mineral ROTM Technology: The Kent Pride Plus features patented Mineral ROTM technology that ensures the retention of essential minerals in the purified water. This technology helps maintain a balanced pH level and enhances the taste of the water.


    Auto On/Off Operation: The purifier is equipped with an auto on/off feature that allows for hassle-free operation. It automatically starts and stops the purification process based on the water level in the storage tank.


    In-Tank UV Disinfection: To provide additional protection, the Kent Pride Plus utilises in-tank UV disinfection technology. This feature ensures that the stored water remains safe and free from any possible contamination.


    8 Litre Storage Capacity: The water purifier comes with a generous storage capacity of 8 litres, making it suitable for small to medium-sized families. You'll always have a steady supply of purified water, even during power cuts.


    Wall-Mounted Design: The Kent Pride Plus is designed to be wall-mounted, saving valuable countertop space in your kitchen. It blends seamlessly with your kitchen decor and offers easy access to purified water whenever needed.


    ABS Food Grade Plastic: Crafted with ABS food-grade plastic, this purifier ensures the durability and safety of the water you consume. The non-toxic material guarantees the preservation of water quality.


    UV LED Light in Storage Tank: The storage tank of the Kent Pride Plus is equipped with a UV LED light, which provides continuous disinfection of the stored water, further enhancing its purity and safety.


    1-Year Manufacturer Warranty: With the Kent Pride Plus, you can enjoy peace of mind as it comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. The warranty covers any manufacturing defects and ensures reliable after-sales support.


    Factors to Consider:


    Purification Capacity: Assess your daily water consumption needs and choose a purifier that can efficiently meet those requirements.


    Water Source Compatibility: Verify if the purifier is suitable for the type of water sources available to you, such as brackish water, tap water, or municipal corporation water.


    Purification Technology: Understand the purification process employed by the purifier and ensure it is effective in removing impurities, bacteria, viruses, and harmful chemicals.


    Storage Capacity: Consider the storage capacity based on your family's size and consumption patterns to ensure an uninterrupted supply of purified water.


    Ease of Installation: Check if the purifier comes with an easy installation process or if professional assistance is required.


    Maintenance and Service: Look for a purifier that offers easy maintenance and readily available service centres for any repairs or regular servicing.


    Budget: Determine your budget and find a purifier that offers the desired features and fits within your price range.



    The Kent Pride Plus is an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable water purifier with high purification capacity, essential mineral retention, and an efficient supply of purified water. With its innovative features, such as in-tank UV disinfection, wall-mounted design, and the patented Mineral ROTM technology, this purifier ensures the delivery of safe and pure drinking water.

    Q: What is the price of the Kent Pride Plus?

    A: The price of the Kent Pride Plus water purifier may vary depending on the region and the retailer. It is recommended to check our website to get the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.


    Q: Is the Kent Pride Plus water safe to drink?

    A: Yes, the Kent Pride Plus is designed to provide 100% pure and safe drinking water. It incorporates advanced purification technologies, such as UV disinfection and multistage purification, to remove impurities, bacteria, and viruses, ensuring the water is safe for consumption.


    Q: What is the maximum capacity of the KENT Pride Plus?

    A: The KENT Pride Plus water purifier has a maximum storage capacity of 8 litres, allowing you to have an ample supply of purified water for your household.




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