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1-ton ACs

Every industry has its own terminology and vocabulary. To define the cooling capacity of an air conditioner, a term called tonnage or tonne is used.


Is one tonne of an air conditioner enough for a room or home since you're considering obtaining a new one to beat this summer? Don't worry; we are here to help you understand this perplexing puzzle and will provide you with information on one tonnage of air conditioners.

What is a Ton? 

The cooling capacity of an air conditioner is described by the terms "tonnage" or "tonne" Weight is not in any way correlated with air conditioner tonnage.


The quantity of heat that your home's air conditioner can expel in an hour is measured in tonnes in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) business. The cooling capacity of an air conditioner is known by the abbreviation "tonnage" or "tonne" in BTU measurement.


The BTU is used to measure heat (British Thermal Unit). 12000 BTUs of air may be removed per hour by a 1-ton AC unit. A 3-ton unit can remove 36000 BTUs, and so forth. As a result, an air conditioner's tonnage rating determines how much air it can chill.

Why is Tonnage substantial? 

Like "horsepower" is used to describe a car's propulsion, "tonne" in air conditioning describes the force needed to cool a space. The heat output of a tonne of AC is 12,000 BTU per hour, and that of a 1.5-tonne AC is 18,000 BTU per hour. The abbreviation BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. Often referred to as "1 tonne of ice," a "1 tonne" air conditioner can keep a room cool for up to 24 hours before completely melting.


Tonnage is crucial in this context. As a result, an AC unit that is rated for a higher tonnage can cool more air.

Is 1 ton AC enough for what room size?

When purchasing an air conditioner, size matters. You would feel clammy and cold if an oversized air conditioner swiftly cooled the area without appropriately eliminating humidity. However, a modest air conditioner would need help to keep the room comfortable.


One of the most crucial factors you should keep in mind is the air conditioner's capacity based on the size of the space you will fit in. For a room between 100 and 120 square feet, a 1-ton air conditioner should be suitable. You should get a 1.5-ton or 2-ton air conditioner for more prominent locations.

Power Consumption of a ton of AC

Generally, consider the following numbers when calculating Air Conditioner power consumption: 1000 watts per tonne of AC (1 unit of electricity).1-ton is a hazy and generic response, though. Let's obtain a more precise response. 


You can calculate it using the Air Conditioner's power consumption label, which includes a star rating. The power consumption for an AC is typically stated on the air conditioner itself.


Also, the power consumption of air conditioners depends on the type of air conditioner you're buying, like the non-inverter AC consumes high power compared to inverter ones. Also, consider the star rating in ACs also affects the power consumption. 


One tonne is the finest option if you need an air conditioner for a 100 to 120-square-foot room. When purchasing an AC, you should consider other factors, such as the brand and whether the air conditioner is an inverter.


You should consider the amount of sunshine entering the room when choosing an air conditioner because it affects cooling.


Additionally, higher-floor apartments need more cooling capacity. You should get an air conditioner with a higher capacity than usual if your apartment or home is on the top floor and receives direct sunlight.

Q: What is the lowest price of 1 ton AC?

A: The Godrej 1 Ton (3 Star - Inverter) 5 in 1 Convertible Split AC with Active Carbon Filter, 100% Copper Condenser, Silent Operation is the lowest-priced 1 ton AC available in the market. It comes with a variety of features such as an inverter compressor, 5 in 1 convertible modes, and active carbon filters. The price of this model is around Rs. 25,000.


Q: How to Buy 1 Ton Air Conditioner Online?

A: Buying a 1 Ton Air Conditioner online is simple and convenient. You can visit online shopping platforms like Vijay Sales to browse through a wide range of options available. To make a purchase, simply select the product, add it to your cart, and proceed to checkout. You can choose to pay online or opt for cash on delivery. Make sure to check for discounts and offers before making the final payment.


Q: Which Air Conditioner brand is best for 1 ton?

A: There are several popular brands that manufacture 1 Ton Air Conditioners. Some of the best brands include LG, Samsung, Hitachi, Daikin, and Voltas. All these brands offer high-quality products with advanced features and durability. However, it ultimately comes down to personal preferences and budget.


Q: How much electricity does 1 Ton Air Conditioner consume?

A: The electricity consumption of a 1 Ton Air Conditioner depends on various factors such as the type of AC, the energy efficiency rating, usage hours, and room size. A 1 Ton AC with a 5-star rating consumes around 600-650 watts per hour, whereas a 3-star rated AC can consume up to 1000 watts per hour. It is recommended to go for an AC with a higher energy efficiency rating to save on electricity bills.


Q: Which are the best selling 1 Ton Air Conditioners?

A: The OGeneral CGT Series 1 Ton (5 Star - Inverter) Split AC with Coanda Airflow, PM 2.5 Filter, 5 Speed Fan Control is one of the best-selling 1 Ton Air Conditioners in the market. It is a 5-star rated inverter AC that comes with Coanda airflow technology, which ensures efficient cooling and even distribution of air. It also has a PM 2.5 filter that helps in purifying the air and a 5-speed fan control that allows you to adjust the cooling speed as per your preference. Other popular 1 Ton AC brands include LG, Samsung, and Hitachi.



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