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 Daikin ACs

Are you stressed out and trying to find a method to get rid of the sweltering summer heat...?


Your air conditioner isn't functioning correctly, or you need to install a new one. Whatever the reason is, you are finding a way to cool down your room. The most efficient & most outstanding air conditioner is Daikin. Therefore, your quest is over. 


The company offers Daikin 1-ton, 1.5-ton, split, windows, and other well-known air conditioners for their dependability. This article will outline the benefits of purchasing a Daikin air conditioner online and the features and options available with these units.

Types of ACs offered by Daikin 

Daikin Split AC

Air conditioning units that can deliver both heating and cooling are Daikin Split Air Conditioners. The ACs provide hot and cold air when adequately managed with a thermostat.


You can pick from the Daikin 1.5-ton split AC, Daikin 1-ton split AC, and Daikin 2-ton split AC based on your needs and the range or efficiency of the ACs. The cost of Daikin air conditioners also varies according to the star ratings.

Daikin Window AC

Daikin offers its highly efficient Air Conditioner with 1.5 tons of Window AC. It ensures power chill when sweltering outside, quickly cools the room, and provides immediate comfort.


After reaching a predetermined temperature, the air conditioner shuts off automatically to save electricity. The price of Daikin Window Air Conditioners 1.5 tons varies depending on the star rating. 

Daikin Inverter ACs

The Quiet Operation technology included in Daikin Inverter Air Conditioners guarantees a whisper-quiet operation for the ideal tranquil slumber.


It offers Daikin 1-tonne inverter AC, Daikin 5-star inverter AC, and many other inverter features with low and high-efficiency levels.


The cost of a Daikin 1.5-tonne 5-star inverter air conditioner is higher; this range also varies with the air conditioner model.


Ventilation Products

Daikin ventilation systems are made to control humidity levels and provide adequate amounts of fresh outdoor air to preserve interior air quality.


  • Improved Air Quality 

  • Flexible Installation 

  • Energy Efficiency 

Things to Consider Before Buying an AC

1. Tonnage 

Tonnage is the technical term for the air conditioner's capacity. Here, the air conditioner's capacity is measured in tonnes; it can either be a Daikin AC 1 tonne, 1.5 tonnes, or 2-tonne air conditioner, where 1 tonne is the heat required to melt 1 tonne of ice in 1 day.


Consider the cost and tonnage while purchasing Daikin AC online. 

2. Star-rating or Efficiency of Daikin ACs

The device's star rating is the air conditioner's energy efficiency metric. Here, a 5-star air conditioner will use the least amount of power while providing more cooling capability, and a 1-star air conditioner will use the most ability to lower the temperature in your room.


You don't have to pay much money to purchase a 5-star; the cost of an AC depends on its type and tonnage. 

3. Type- Split or Window 

Split or window air conditioners are another factors to consider when selecting an AC unit for a larger or smaller space.


Split air conditioners are made especially for larger rooms or halls because they can cool larger surfaces. In contrast, Window ACs are less potent than Split ACs and are best used in smaller spaces, such as tiny rooms.

4. Air Quality 

Daikin delivers fresh air to your room while providing quick cooling.

It is essential to determine whether an air conditioner has a filter before choosing one.


The interior air quality is improved by such filters. For the purpose of capturing smoke, odor, and dust particles, these filters are essential. In addition to air filtration, Daikin installed a dehumidifier, which is necessary to take moisture out of the air.


Depending on your needs and budget, you have a wide range of alternatives for air conditioners. It can be challenging to choose, but choosing one of these Daikin air conditioner models will be worthwhile. 



Q: Which is the best model of AC in Daikin?

A: The Daikin Standard Plus Series 2.02 Ton (3 Star - Inverter) Split AC with 3D Airflow, Copper Condenser, PM 2.5 Filter is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-performing air conditioner with advanced features. The 3D airflow system ensures even cooling throughout the room, while the copper condenser is highly efficient and durable. Additionally, the PM 2.5 filter helps purify the air by removing harmful particles and allergens.


Q: Does Daikin have Inverter AC?

A: Yes, Daikin has a range of inverter ACs that are designed to provide energy-efficient cooling. Inverter technology allows the AC to vary the compressor speed based on the cooling needs, resulting in significant energy savings. Daikin's inverter ACs also come with advanced features such as humidity control, air purification, and smart control options.


Q: What are the things to consider before buying a Daikin air conditioner?

A: Before buying a Daikin air conditioner, you should consider the size of the room, the cooling capacity of the AC, the energy efficiency rating, the noise level, and the features that come with the AC. It is important to choose an AC with the right cooling capacity to ensure efficient and effective cooling. The energy efficiency rating of the AC is also crucial as it determines the amount of electricity the AC consumes. A higher rating means lower energy consumption and savings on your electricity bills. Additionally, it is recommended to choose an AC with a low noise level for a more comfortable and peaceful environment.


Q: What is the price of a 1 ton 5 star Daikin AC?

A: The price of a 1 ton 5 star Daikin AC can vary depending on the model and the features it comes with. However, the average price range for a 1 ton 5 star Daikin AC is between INR 35,000 and above. It is important to note that higher-rated models with advanced features such as inverter technology and air purification may cost more.


Q: What is the warranty for Daikin Air Conditioner?

A: Daikin air conditioners come with a standard warranty of 1 year on the product and 5 years on the compressor. This means that if any manufacturing defects are found in the product or the compressor fails during the warranty period, Daikin will provide free repairs or replacements. However, it is recommended to opt for extended warranties for additional coverage and peace of mind. You should also check the warranty terms and conditions before making the purchase.



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