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As the world becomes increasingly digital, it's essential to have an Xbox gaming console that can keep up. The Xbox has been one of the most popular gaming consoles for many years, for a good reason. It's a great console with various games to choose from. However, It can be a bit of a challenge to buy Xbox. With so many different versions of the console on the market, it can be hard to know which is the best when it comes to buy Xbox. In this guide, we'll take a look at the different types of Xboxes on the market and help you decide which one is right for you.


Generations of Xbox: 


Below are the Generations of Xbox:

Xbox One: The Xbox One is the original Xbox One console. It was released in 2013 and is the least powerful of the three consoles. However, it's also the most affordable, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious gamers.


Xbox One S: The Xbox One S is a mid-range console. It was released in 2016 and is a step up from the original Xbox One in terms of power and features. It's an excellent choice for gamers who want a more powerful console but don't want to spend the extra money on the Xbox One X.


Xbox One X: The Xbox One X is the most powerful console on the market. It was released in 2017 and is the most expensive of the three consoles. However, it's also the most powerful, with 4K gaming and HDR support. Seagate's Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X also adds external memory while keeping the same speed and performance as the console's inbuilt SSD. The Xbox One X is your console if you're looking for the best gaming experience possible. Xbox Series X Launches this November with Thousands of Games across four generations.

Common Features in all Xboxes:


Some features are standard in all Xboxes. 

Xbox Game Studios: One of the best things about Xboxes is the wide selection of games. There are games for everyone, from first-person shooters to puzzle games. No matter what type of games you like to play, you'll be able to find something to suit your taste on Xbox. 


Blu-ray Player: Another great feature of the Xbox series is the built-in Blu-ray player. This allows you to watch high definition of your favourite movies and TV shows. You can also use the Blu-ray player to listen to music and view pictures.


Built-in Wi-Fi: All Xbox series comes with built-in Wi-Fi. This allows you to connect to the internet and play online games. It also allows you to stream movies and TV shows from Netflix, Hulu, and other online services.


Graphic Processing Power: One of the most important things to consider when choosing an Xbox is its amount of graphical processing power. This is important because it determines how well the console can render games and other visuals. The Xbox One has 1.31 teraflops of processing power, the Xbox One S has 1.4 teraflops, and the Xbox One X has six teraflops.


Xbox Velocity Architecture: Xbox Velocity Architecture is a new feature in the Xbox Series X that helps to make loading times shorter. This is done using a custom-designed SSD faster than on the market.


Kinect: The Kinect is a camera that allows you to control your Xbox game with your voice and gestures. The Kinect is optional, but it's a great way to get the most out of your Xbox series. 


HDMI Cable: You'll need an HDMI cable to connect your Xbox to your TV. This cable is not included with the console, so you'll need to buy it separately.


Quick Resume: One of the newest features of the Xbox Series X is Quick Resume. This allows you to suspend multiple games at once and pick up right where you left off. This is a great feature for gamers who like to play more than one game at a time.


Xbox Network: The Xbox Network is an online service for Xbox gamers. 


Xbox Live Gold Membership: To play online multiplayer games on Xbox, you'll need an Xbox Live Gold membership. This subscription gives you access to online multiplayer games and other features such as free games and exclusive discounts. Xbox Live Gold memberships can be purchased in 1-month, 3-month, and 12-month increments. The longer the membership, the cheaper it is per month.  


Xbox Live Arcade: Xbox Live Arcade is a service that allows you to download and play arcade games on your Xbox. 


Xbox Game Pass: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a subscription service that gives you access to a library of games to download and play. 

Xbox Controller: The Xbox controller is the primary way to control your Xbox. You can use it to play games, browse the internet, and watch movies. If you want to play multiplayer games, you'll need an additional controller. 


Xbox Live Vision Camera: Video chatting with other Xbox Live users is made possible with the help of a camera called the Xbox Live Vision Camera. With this feature, you can also shoot photographs and videos of yourself to use as your avatar.


Xbox Headsets: If you are playing an online multiplayer game on an Xbox, you can communicate with the other players using a headset. Additionally, they enable you to listen to the game's audio without disrupting the experience of others.


Things to consider before you decide to buy Xbox Online:


Now that you know the different types of Xboxes on the market, you may be wondering how to choose the right one for you. There are a few things to consider when making your decision.


Type of Console: Your very first order of business will be to choose the Xbox system that best suits your needs. The Xbox One S is the most cost-effective choice, as it does not require the purchase of the Kinect camera. The most powerful console is the Xbox One X, which also includes the Kinect camera.


Xbox Game Studio Titles: The Xbox One X also supports several Xbox Game Studio titles. This is a great feature for gamers who want to play the latest and greatest games.


Price: The Xbox One S starts at 37,990/-, while the Xbox One X starts at 52,990rs. 



Now that you know more about the different types of Xboxes on the market and the different accessories and features available, you'll be able to choose the perfect Xbox for you. Whether you're looking for the most powerful console or the most affordable option, there's an Xbox that's right for you.


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