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Buy 5 Star Air Conditioners Online

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5 Star ACs

Are you looking for the most effective air conditioner that will consume the least power and require minor maintenance...?


A range of air conditioners is available in the market based on power consumption and energy efficiency, represented by labelled star ratings on the electrical equipment. The air conditioners are also given star ratings based on their efficiency. 


Any piece of equipment can be given a star rating between 1 and 5, with 5 being the highest. Therefore, a 5-star rated air conditioner will effectively cool your room more than a 1-star unit and consume less power.

What are 5 Star ACs

The star rating on air conditioners is a mark of efficiency that describes how energy-efficient the electrical equipment is and illustrates how much power is used by that equipment.


The 5-Star marking on the air conditioner indicates that it will use the least energy and has a lower power consumption, which implies that 5-Star ACs use less energy than 1-Star ones and can cool a room more quickly while using less energy.


Consider, though, that your air conditioner has a 1-Star rating. That scenario indicates that the air conditioner is less energy-efficient and uses more energy to chill your room, which directly translates to higher energy costs for 1-Star-rated air conditioners.

Factors that affect the energy efficiency of air conditioners

5 Star ACs with different cooling capacities 

The market offers cooling capacities between 1 and 1.5 tonnes most frequently. Tonnage will impact how well these air conditioners perform in addition to their star rating.


For example, a 5 Star AC 1.5 tonne air conditioner would be the most functional, whereas a 5 Star AC 1 tonne would perform less.


The number of air conditioners will impact both the price and functionality. A, 1 ton AC price 5 Star range starts from Rs. 30,990 meanwhile, 1.5 ton AC price 5 Star range from Rs. 36,990. 


The energy-saving technology used by inverter air conditioners allows them to regulate their compressors. Inverter air conditioners have temperature control and may keep a room at a specific temperature for sitting. Non-inverter air conditioners are those that do not employ this technology.


Similar to tonnage, inverter air conditioners impact how energy-efficient air conditioners are. 1.5-ton 5 Star inverter ACs have high energy efficiency and lower power consumption compared to 1.5 ton 5 Star Non-iInverter ACs. 

Split/Window 5-star ACs

Split/Window air conditioners are the other significant component that significantly influences the energy efficiency of air conditioners.


Split/window air conditioners are more conventional and less expensive than other types. Compared to window ACs, split air conditioners use less power and are highly energy-efficient. Split & Windows air conditioners still range in tonnage and power consumption according to the same 5-Star rating.

Best 5-Star AC

Several manufacturers on the market offer 5 Star air conditioners with many features and modern technologies. However, Blue Star and Voltas are the two top companies on our list that can provide you with the most excellent 5-Star air conditioners.


Also, they offer the best price range of Air Conditioners along with tonnage, for example, Blue Star AC 1.5 ton & Voltas AC 1.5 ton. Blue Star AC's 1.5-ton price varies with the features they offer, like Inverter/Non-Inverter and Window/Split, similarly, the Voltas AC 1.5-ton 5 Star price range also varies accordingly.


Electronics and air conditioners receive a maximum rating of 5. Therefore, if you want an air conditioner that uses the least amount of power and is very energy-efficient, opting for a 5 Star-rated model will be the ideal option.


You can also choose lower-rated air conditioners if you want one at a reasonable price. Your preference for an air conditioner's features and the price is entirely up to you.




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