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Inverter ACs

To fight the summer, you are considering purchasing a new air conditioner. 


You must have heard the term "Inverter Air Conditioner" or seen them while looking for an AC. You might be asking what inverter air conditioners are since the technology is new on the market, or you might need clarification on which air conditioner you should buy.


You can find a solution in this article, and we'll explain inverter air conditioners thoroughly. Let's look at the instruction article:

What are Inverter Air Conditioners? 

An inverter is an energy-saving technology that eliminates wasted operation in air conditioners by efficiently controlling motor speed & stops unnecessary activities.


The air conditioner cools when the room temperature exceeds the predetermined level. And the air conditioner heats when the temperature drops below the predetermined level. Instead of turning the motor on and off, inverter-style air conditioners adjust the temperature by changing the motor speed and controlling the compressor completely. 

What makes Inverter ACs different from Non-Inverter?

An air conditioner uses a compressor to cool down the temperature or cooling operations which means Air Conditioners have a mechanism to manage the compressor operations.

Inverter ACs - 

Inverter Air Conditioners have a high rotation which means it has a high RPM value, which directly means that high rotation requires a lot more energy than a typical Air Conditioner. 


Meanwhile, after reaching a set temperature, the RPM of it will automatically slow down and release the energy. The benefit of this technology is to optimize the room temperature. You don't need to turn ON & OFF the AC; this inverter technology will automatically optimize the temperature. 


Here, it works in energy saving as well as optimizing the room temperature on a moderate level. Turning ON & OFF the AC again & again will acquire more energy and relieve the extra amount of heat, which is also harmful.

Non-Inverter AC - 

In Non-Inverter Air Conditioners, there’s no such kind of technology to optimize the room temperature, so you need to turn it ON & OFF again and again whenever required, which will consume extra energy unnecessarily. 


Repeatedly turning the appliance on and off lets out dangerous extra heat.

Pros of Inverter AC

  • Non-inverter ACs Save energy. 

  • You don’t need to turn it Off & On; with the help of technology, it will automatically optimize the temperatures to a moderate level. 

  • The amount of released heat is far lower than Non-inverter ones. 

  • Cost-effective - Inverter Air Conditioners do not work at their total efficiency, so the energy consumption is lower, which will also lower unit energy expenditure. So, it saves money while paying the electricity bill. 

Cons of Inverter AC 

  • The energy consumption will be higher if the room is not insulated.

  • The efficiency will increase in high temperatures so that energy unit expenditure will increase. 

  • Due to the high cost of the components used in air conditioners, service and maintenance are expensive. 

Best Inverter AC available in the market 

Daikin Inverter Split Air Conditioners 

The most desirable qualities of the product are offered by the contemporary air conditioner brand Daikin. To maintain the correct temperature, Daikin also employs inverter technology. The ACs are built for simple installation, trouble-free operation, and improved heating performance in low-ambient conditions.

O’General Inverter Split AC

The best built-in heater functionality is available with O'General ACs thanks to cutting-edge technology that uses an inverter to reverse the air conditioning cycle. The advantages of using this air conditioner instead of your heater are considerable. Using inverter technology and temperature optimization, its built-in heater raises the room's temperature during the winter.

Mitsubishi Inverter AC

Better temperature control is provided by Mitsubishi air conditioners, maintaining room cooling. Mitsubishi has also included inverter technology in its air conditioners. To regulate & optimize the temperature, the firm offers inverter technology in its top models.

Voltas ACs

Voltas is the most preferred, reliable and preferred brand when it comes to AC. Even in 50°C heat, they provide immediate cooling. During the monsoon season, they reduce indoor humidity with the help of Inverter technology, which controls energy consumption and maintains the room temperature even in monsoons.


There are many options models available with Inverter technology for you regarding Air Conditioners as you decide to buy an Air Conditioner, depending upon your needs and budget. And there are many options from which you can choose a good AC for yourself! Making a decision is sometimes hard, but it will be worth selecting from all these varieties of Air conditioners.


Q: What is Inverter AC?

A: An Inverter AC is an air conditioning system that uses an inverter technology to control the speed of its compressor motor. Unlike regular ACs that operate at a fixed speed, Inverter ACs can vary their compressor speed to match the cooling requirements of the room, resulting in better energy efficiency and more stable temperature control.


Q: What is the price of inverter air conditioner?

A: The price of an Inverter Air Conditioner varies depending on its brand, capacity, and features. Generally, Inverter ACs are more expensive than regular ACs, but they offer better energy efficiency and performance, resulting in long-term savings on electricity bills. In India, the price of an Inverter AC can range from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 70,000 or more, depending on the model and features. You can also buy Inverter ACs online, where you may find some attractive deals and discounts.


Q: Is Inverter AC better than normal AC?

A: Yes, Inverter ACs are better than normal ACs in terms of energy efficiency and cooling performance. Normal ACs operate at a fixed speed, which means that they consume more electricity and take longer to cool the room. In contrast, Inverter ACs can vary their compressor speed to match the cooling requirements of the room, resulting in better energy efficiency and faster cooling. Inverter ACs also offer better temperature control and maintain a more stable temperature, resulting in greater comfort and fewer fluctuations in the room.


Q: Does Inverter AC consume less electricity?

A: Yes, Inverter ACs consume less electricity compared to normal ACs. This is because they can vary their compressor speed to match the cooling requirements of the room, resulting in better energy efficiency and lower electricity consumption. Inverter ACs also use advanced technology that adjusts the compressor speed based on the room temperature, resulting in faster cooling and minimal energy wastage. Overall, Inverter ACs are designed to provide better cooling performance while consuming less electricity, resulting in long-term savings on electricity bills.


Q: What is the difference between Inverter and non-Inverter AC?

A: The main difference between Inverter and non-Inverter AC is in their compressor technology. Inverter ACs use an inverter technology to vary the speed of their compressor motor, while non-Inverter ACs operate at a fixed speed. Inverter ACs offer better energy efficiency, faster cooling, and more stable temperature control, while non-Inverter ACs consume more electricity and take longer to cool the room. Inverter ACs are also quieter and produce fewer vibrations compared to non-Inverter ACs. While Inverter ACs are more expensive than non-Inverter ACs, they offer long-term savings on electricity bills and greater comfort in the room.




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