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Fixed speed/ Non-inverter ACs

Looking to purchase a new, cost-effective, and low-unit-consumption air conditioner? The fixed/non-inverter air conditioner will be the finest solution.


Why should you choose non-inverter air conditioners, and what does it mean? Is this the best option for you? As you prepare to spend your hard-earned money on it, numerous concerns start to surface.


We have a guide post on Non-Inverter ACs that will address your query. Let's look at some non-inverter AC information:

What are Fixed speed/Non-Inverter Air Conditioners? 

Non-Inverter Air Conditioners work on the most straightforward technology as the compressor fitted in the AC cannot control the power. A fixed air conditioner's compressor has a fixed speed that can only work to a fixed power.   


Non-inverter motors only operate at full speed until the target temperature is reached in the room, at which point they turn off. Fixed Air Conditioners work well on a fixed temperature for large rooms or large spaces, and also, it’s very cost-effective. 

What makes Non-Inverter ACs different from Inverters?

In the market, you will find two options based on their ability to control the power: Inverter & Non-Inverter Air Conditioners. 


Inverter ACs have complete control over the compressor and control the cooling process based on room temperature and settled temperature. Meanwhile, Non-Inverter ACs work on the most straightforward technology as the compressor fitted in the Air Conditioner cannot control the power. A fixed air conditioner's compressor has a fixed speed that can only work to a fixed power.    


The main goal of purchasing an Air Conditioner is to keep the residents of your home or workplace comfortable during periods of high heat. The non-inverter AC is preferred by individuals who don't use it frequently.

Pros of Non-Inverter ACs 

Works well for large rooms

Non-inverter Air Conditioner provides rapid cooling, and this device comes with an auto restart feature, so you don't need to start it from time to time. It provides rapid cooling and is suitable for large rooms as the temperature will not be constant; hence the compressor has to run at full speed to keep the temperature set. 

The repair cost is low

Non-inverter ACs don't employ complicated technology so repairs will be inexpensive and easy on the wallet. Utilizing basic features will also have the advantage of being exceptionally quickly cleaned and cared for.

Low price

Because they are so inexpensive, non-inverter air conditioners are readily available on the market. Non-inverter air conditioners are cost-effective and have a robust cooling system with automatic, one-touch Powerful Cool technology. It cooled space in less than 15 minutes and created 10% more airflow than the "high fan" speed.

Cons of Inverter ACs 

Low Functionality 

Non-inverter air conditioners do not have access to the compressor control, just as the inverter air conditioner's operation for maintaining room temperature is automatic. The non-inverter models lack functionality and technology. Its compressor runs at a constant speed and has no control over the power source.

Can be Noisy

Non-inverter air conditioners are designed to switch on automatically and shut off when a specific fixed temperature is reached. As a result, it makes more noise than an inverter unit. The technology unquestionably consumes more energy, which lowers the air conditioner's energy efficiency, especially when compared to an inverter.


If you want to install an air conditioner in a big room and are on a budget, a non-inverter air conditioner is a smart option. The model or brand you choose also affects the features and functionality of this kind of AC.


The top air conditioners on the market are made by well-known companies, like Daikin non-inverter ACs, Voltas non-inverter ACs, Mitsubishi ACs, OGeneral ACs, and Bluestar ACs.


In addition, the AC's star rating must be considered. Choose the option that is most acceptable for you and effective.



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